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Sincere Condolences:

What to Say When You Don't Know What to Say


About the Book

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Book Cover
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Joyce Aitken offers us a PRACTICAL GUIDE on how to respond to other people’s Grief and Tragic Loss.

Written from the author’s personal experiences after her husband’s death by suicide this book provides advice and encouragement to anyone wanting to provide truly compassionate support to those who have experienced loss.

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About the Author

Joyce Aitken brings compassion, wisdom and wit to her work as an author, speaker and advocate for grief and mental health awareness.

Since her retirement as an urban municipal CAO she volunteers at a Palliative Care unit and with a variety of grief organizations.


A lifelong resident of Saskatchewan “Land of the Living Skies”, she has lived in northern and southern Saskatchewan and now makes her home in Saskatoon.




A beautiful offering to those who feel awkward and uncertain in approaching grieving individuals. It has practical ideas and instructions to ensure that our attempts to reach out to those in grief will be effective, meaningful and free of the grief rhetoric that does more harm than good. Joyce has done a remarkable job of using her personal pain of tragic loss to craft a simple and potent piece of education."

Joyce’s voice shines in this book with her heartfelt personal stories, her humour and her genuine desire to assist and equip us when we encounter someone who is grieving. An excellent guide for clergy, chaplains, pastoral care groups, grief support groups, family members and friends, and anyone who accompanies someone who is grieving. This book is a “MUST-READ” for all of us!"

Sarah Donnelly

Grief Retreat Facilitator and Spiritual Director

Drawing on her own rich experience and thorough research  Joyce Aitken has crafted a much needed guide on responding to tragic loss. Joyce’s accessible writing style helps the reader be more understanding and compassionate in how they respond to such losses. I highly recommend Sincere Condolences for its heartfelt guidance and practical LIFELINES on a topic we need to talk more about."

Rev. Richard McCorrister 

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For speaking engagements or bookings, please contact the author.

For speaking engagements or bookings, please contact the author.

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